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To which accounts can I transfer funds using Axis Bank ATM?
You can transfer funds to any Axis Bank Account using Axis Bank ATM instantly.

What is the daily funds transfer limit at the ATM?
Daily Funds Transfer Transaction Limit at the ATM is Rs.50,000/- 

How do I transfer funds to any Axis Bank Account using Axis Bank ATM?
Visit Axis Bank ATM >> Insert Axis Bank Debit Card >> Enter PIN >> Select Banking Transactions >> Select Other Axis Bank Account >> Enter Beneficiary >> Enter Other Required Details

I transferred funds using Axis Bank ATM. However, these funds have not been credited to the account. What do I do?
In case the funds have not been credited please wait for 2 working days from the date of transfer. Despite this if the funds have not been credited, please share with us the transaction date, amount and desired account number by using the below options:
 • Phone: Call us on the numbers mentioned in the call tab below
 • Branch: Visit the nearest Axis Bank Branch to raise a complaint
 • Axis Support: Scroll up and click on 'Report a Dispute' tab above and follow the steps mentioned therein

I transferred funds to a wrong account, what do I do?
In case you have deposited cash into the wrong account, please share the details with us by scrolling up and clicking on ‘Report A Dispute’ tab. We will take up the matter with the beneficiary on a good faith basis.
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