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Digital Banking

Digital Banking - Make Life Easy

After a tiring week in the office, the last thing you would want is to stand in long queues on a Saturday. Supervising and managing your finances need not be so complex and tedious in todays age.

Digital banking arrived specifically to lift this load off your shoulders and minimise the time and effort required to manage your wealth. Although digital banking set its foot in India during the late 1990s, it has grown in popularity recently. The demonetisation followed by the pandemic made people realise the valuable benefits of digital banking.

Whether you wish to transfer cash to your friend or apply for a loan, digital banking facilities can help you anywhere, anytime. In the below article, we shall discuss the numerous benefits of digital banking and how Axis Bank aces it with its offerings.

May 17, 2023

Benefits of Digital Banking

To begin with, digital banking is an umbrella term for any banking activity done electronically. So, online banking and mobile banking, form a part of digital banking. Let us look at some of its key benefits.

(1) Convenience

The prime benefit of digital banking is that it allows you to bank wherever and whenever you want. From people living in remote areas to older people or those with busy schedules, digital banking is a boon.

(2) Security

Security is the utmost priority in the banking and financial services industry. As a result, internet banking and mobile banking solutions are typically embedded with multi-level security and authentication processes.

(3) Enhanced features

Since digital banking is gaining prominence today, Banks offer enhanced services through this route. Services like personalised financial assistance, savings and financial planning tools, calculators or virtual assistants are commonplace.

(4) Limited restrictions

In traditional in-person banking, there may be a few restrictions on cheque deposits or transferring money from one account to another. However, digital banking processes usually do not have such restrictions. This makes everyday banking more convenient.

(5) Beyond banking

The digital banking process is not restricted to mere banking services. Banks are taking initiatives through this mode to impart financial literacy. Some even use this platform to undertake social responsibility programs and raise their voice against social evils.

Digital banking made easy by Axis Bank

With Axis Bank, you can explore different smart banking solutions . You can now bank smartly with our online and mobile banking solutions or branch and phone banking solutions at your convenience.

Axis Bank Internet Banking

Some of the services you can avail of through Axis Bank Internet Banking include:

Account details View account balance, download Account Statement, etc. You can also view your Demat, Loan Accounts and Credit Card details.
Fund transfer Transfer funds within your Axis Bank accounts or to other Bank Accounts.
Service requests Request for chequebook, stop cheque payment, request for demand draft, etc.
Investment services Invest in Mutual Funds, create FDs, apply for IPOs, etc.
Value-added services Pay utility bills, recharge mobile, shop online, etc.

Axis Mobile Banking App

With more than 250+ features, Axis Mobile, which is the highest rated banking app, is a safe and secure mobile application to fulfil all your banking needs. Some of the features of the Axis Mobile Banking App are:
  • Get details for your Savings and Current Accounts, Credit Card, Forex Card, Demat Account, Loan Account, investment in Mutual Funds, etc.
  • Transfer funds.
  • Create your unique UPI ID for transacting.
  • Recharge and pay bills.
  • Open Fixed Deposit and Recurring Deposit Accounts.
  • Place service requests.

Wrapping Up

Digital banking is rapidly evolving, and there are many exciting benefits that you can avail. To simplify your banking experience, visit the Axis Bank website today to open a digital Bank Account!