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What is a Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) / Recycler?
Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is self-service terminal that enables you to deposit cash without any manual intervention of the branch officer.

What are the benefits of Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) / Recycler?
Immediate Receipt received on deposit and funds are instantly credited to your account. No need to fill deposit slips or stand in long queues. In some branches, these machines are available 24X7 & 365 days which means you can deposit cash even on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

What are the guidelines to deposit cash in a Cash Deposit Machine / Recycler?
 • Only one person can access the Cash Deposit Machine at a time
 • Keep your Debit Card and PIN handy for a Debit Card based deposit
 • Keep your account number handy in case of account number based deposit
 • Enter the account number correctly as the Bank does not have chargeback rights if incorrect account number is entered
 • Do not clip the notes with stapler pins or rubber bands as the machine will not be able to count the notes and will be returned by the machine in the cash slot and will also result in malfunctioning of the CDM and will hamper the functioning of the machine
 • Do not deposit soiled, duplicate or mutilated notes as these notes will not be accounted for resulting in partial credit
 • If the notes are not proper CDM does not accept it and returns it. Please take the cash from the slot instantly else the notes will get swallowed 
 • Never leave your card at the Cash Deposit Machine

How do I deposit cash in the CDM?
A. Using Debit Card & PIN:
Insert Axis Bank Debit Card >> Enter PIN >> Select account type (Saving or Current) >> Place the money in the cash deposit slot >> click Continue >> Machine will sort the cash and will show denomination-wise amount to be deposited >> If correct, click Deposit >> Amount will be deposited >> Receipt will be generated
B. Using 15 digit account number:
Click Cash deposit without card >> Enter account number in which you wish to deposit cash >> Machine will display the name of the account holder >> If correct, click Enter >> Place the money in the cash deposit slot and click Continue >> Machine will sort the cash and will show the summary >> If correct, click Deposit >> Amount will be deposited >> Receipt will be generated.

Please Note : Cash can be deposited only to Axis Bank Accounts using Cash Deposit Machines / Recyclers

How much cash can I deposit using CDMs?
As per RBI guidelines, you may deposit only upto Rs. 49,950 per account per day if your PAN is not recorded with the Bank. To deposit more than Rs. 49,950 per account per day, please update your PAN details in your account. Click here to know how to update your PAN

What are the other features available in this machine?
You can also do a balance enquiry or request for a mini statement using the Debit Card.

What do I do in case of the below scenarios:
 • Cash deposited but not credited in the account
 • Cash deposited but partial cash credited
In case the credit is not reflecting in your account, please wait for 2 working days. Despite this if the credit is not received, please report this matter to any of the below channels:
 • Phone: Call us on the numbers mentioned in the call tab below
 • Branch: Visit the nearest Axis Bank Branch
 • Axis Support: Scroll up and click on 'Report a Dispute' tab above and follow the steps mentioned therein

I have deposited cash in the Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) but this has been credited to the wrong account. What do I do?
Cash can be deposited in the CDM either using your Debit Card & PIN or by entering your account details. 
Account number is sought by the CDM twice. Please be cautious while keying in the account number else this may lead in to cash being deposited in to the wrong account. 
In case you have deposited cash into the wrong account, please share the details with us by scrolling up and clicking on 'Report A Dispute' tab. 
We will take up the matter with the beneficiary on a good faith basis.

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