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What is a Fraudulent Transaction?
Any transaction in the account that was not authorised directly by the card / account holder is considered to be a fraudulent transaction.

A fraudulent transaction has taken place on my Axis bank account using UPI? What do I do?
  1. Download any UPI bank app, Link your account and change the UPI PIN using your debit card details
  2. Get your account blocked for UPI transactions and report the transaction by calling us on the numbers mentioned in the Call tab or writing to us using the email option below 

How do I change my UPI PIN?
Immediately change your UPI PIN linked to your Axis bank account from any UPI enabled app
In case of Axis UPI,
Axis Mobile App: Login >> UPI >> Click on your UPI ID >> Change UPI PIN 
BHIM Axis Pay App: Login >> Manage Accounts >> Reset UPI PIN

How do I block my account only for UPI Debits?
To ensure there are no UPI debits in your account, you can call us or write to us. Our agents will assist you in blocking your account only for UPI Debits

How do I report the fraudulent transaction? 
   a. Phone: Call us on the numbers mentioned on the Call tab below
   b. Email: Send us an email by clicking on the Email tab below
   c. Branch: Visit your nearest Axis Bank Branch
Note: Please mention the name and UPI handle when you send us an email. E.g: If UPI ID is abc@axisbank, the name will be abc and UPI handle is axisbank 

What are the timelines for resolution?
Regulatory prescribed time frame is up to 90 days for us to provide an appropriate resolution.

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