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What is Axis ASAP Account?

Axis ASAP is a Digital Savings Account that you can open anytime and anywhere by simply using your Mobile Number, Aadhaar and PAN details. Your ASAP account doesn’t ask for physical documents nor a minimum balance requirement in your account.

What are the key benefits of Axis ASAP Savings Account?

• Get your Bank Account Number instantly

• No minimum balance requirement

• Free Unlimited NEFT & IMPS through Mobile & Internet Banking

• Funds in excess of Rs 10,000 get higher interest rate (Fixed Deposit rates)

• Get a virtual debit card for online shopping instantly and free of cost

• Option to get a Debit Card at minimal fee

• Get access to over 13,000 Axis Bank ATMs, 3500 branches

• Free Internet and Mobile Banking 

Am I eligible to open an Axis ASAP Savings Account?

You can open an Axis ASAP Savings Account instantly as long as

• You are an Indian citizen

• Have a valid PAN and Aadhaar number

• Have a valid mobile number linked to your Aadhaar

• You are over 18 years of age

Is it mandatory to share my Aadhaar details to open an ASAP Account?

You need to voluntarily share your Aadhaar details to open an Axis ASAP account. In case you do not wish to share your Aadhaar details, you can visit your nearest Axis Bank and open a savings account from our range of products.

I am unable to open Axis ASAP Account online/ I am receiving error while opening Axis ASAP Account online. What can I do?

You need to have the following details to open an Axis ASAP Account:

a. Valid Aadhaar Card & PAN Card

b. Valid mobile number linked to Aadhaar Card

c. Your name on the Aadhaar Card & PAN Card should match.

Make sure these requirements are met. If you are still facing issues, please contact us on the numbers mentioned in the Call tab below or send us an email by clicking on the email tab below. 

How can I regularize my Axis ASAP account into a full KYC account?

You can visit your nearest Axis Bank branch to complete your KYC. Please carry your recent photograph, PAN Card and any of the documents listed below:

1. Valid Passport

2. Pan card (separate address proof required)

3. E-Aadhaar letter downloaded from UIDAI site/Aadhaar card issued by government of India.

4. Valid Permanent Driving license

   a. DL issued by state of Maharashtra not acceptable as address proof document.

   b. Driving License, irrespective of the same being issued in any state, if it bears a notation "Not  to be accepted as address proof" then the same will not be acceptable as address proof. The same can still be accepted as identity proof

5. Election Card / Voter's ID card

6. Job card issued by NREGA

Click here to download KYC form.

What deliverables will I get with Axis ASAP Account?

You will receive a Welcome Email & SMS which includes details about your ASAP account. If you have opted for a physical Debit Card, you will receive a Welcome Letter along with a physical Debit Card.

What is Direct Benefit Transfer?
Direct Benefit Transfer or DBT is an attempt to change the mechanism of transferring subsidies launched by Government of India on 1 January 2013. This program aims to transfer subsidies directly to the people through their bank accounts.

What programs are a part of DBT?
National Child Labour Project, Student Scholarship and LPG Subsidy are a part of DBT.


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