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Rates For
  • The rates are applicable for transaction up to INR 25,00,000
  • JPY rates are 100 units of the currency
  • Given exchange rates are subject to market fluctuations and also to change without prior notice
  • Corporate Card Rates prevailing at the time of debit/credit to your account will apply and may differ from exchange rate displayed above
  • Corporate Card rates are generally published once a day in the morning on each forex working day. The Bank may choose to publish revised card rates during the day at its own discretion
  • For transaction above INR 25,00,000 please contact the branch/ respective Relationship Manager for applicable rates
  • Final applicable rate may be inclusive of mark-up and it may differ from client to client depending on various factors eg; type of transaction, amount of transaction, operating cost, market timing & volatility etc. The mark-up may also impact the pricing of any order linked to or triggered at a specific level