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What are the guidelines to withdraw cash from the ATM?
 • Only one person can access the ATM at a time
 • Never share your Card or PIN with anyone
 • Change your PIN frequently to avoid misuse
 • Immediately report any unfamiliar / suspicious objects on ATM machines / site on Bank’s helpline numbers
 • Do not take assistance from strangers
 • Do not write PIN on the card
 • Never leave your card at the ATM
 • Do not allow others to crowd around while transacting
 • Do not allow people to watch while entering your PIN
 • Collect cash immediately from the cash slot
 • Press cancel key once transaction is complete
 • Notify your Bank Branch in case of lost card, forgotten PIN or unsolicited calls / emails

How do I withdraw cash?
Visit Axis Bank ATM >> Select Language Option >> Select Banking Services >> Select Cash Withdrawal / Fast Cash >> Enter Denomination >> Enter PIN >> Cash is dispensed
Please Note: In case of Fast Cash, please select from predefined amounts in multiples of Rs.500/-

Can I make a cardless cash withdrawal?
You can make a cardless withdrawal from the ATM with the Instant Money Transfer (IMT) option. This option can be used only in case funds are transferred to your account by the sender using the IMT option through Internet Banking.

How to make a cardless cash withdrawal / IMT?
Sender initiates a funds transfer request from Internet Banking using IMT option. An SMS with the PIN will be sent to the receiver. Receiver withdraws the money using the IMT option and entering the registered mobile number and the received PIN.

Is there any minimum and maximum cash withdrawal limit per day?
Yes, the cash withdrawal limit for use at the ATM of the issuing bank is set by the Bank during the issuance of the card and may depend on the type of account / card. 
For cash withdrawals at other bank ATMs, banks have decided to maintain a limit of Rs. 10,000 per transaction.

What should I do in case of the below scenarios:
 • Account debited but cash not received
 • Account debited but partial amount received
 • Account debited twice but cash received only once
As these transactions have been initiated by you, please scroll up and click on ‘Raise a Dispute’ tab and follow the steps mentioned in case the withdrawal was attempted using Axis Bank Debit / Credit Card.
In case you attempted to withdraw cash using another Bank Credit / Debit Card, please get in touch with the card issuing Bank.

There are cash withdrawals from my account but I have not initiated these transactions. What do I do?
Please scroll up and click on ‘Raise a Fraud’ tab and follow the steps mentioned therein.

What If I forget to collect cash from the ATM? Will the cash go back into the ATM (retracted)?
In line with the RBI directive, we, at Axis Bank, have taken out the ‘Cash Retraction’ facility from our ATM machines.
Do not forget to collect your cash as the cash will not be retracted in the ATM machine and will remain in the mouth of the ATM till the time the cash is not collected and might result in someone else taking it.

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