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What is Pre-Authorisation?

You can use the card to pay your hotel bills at the time of check-out. However, please avoid using your card for checking-in (pre-authorisation) at hotels. If you choose to use your card at the time of check in, the funds on your card will be blocked till such time that the bills is finally settled. To prevent blocking of funds please make sure that all the test swipes are cancelled.

I have already settled the payment but the pre-authorisation amount has been blocked amount on my Forex Card. How do I apply for a refund?

To receive the refund of the blocked amount, please contact us with the transaction amount, amount debited, currency type, merchant name and date of transaction (DD/MM/YY) through the below options:

a. Call us on 040 6717 4100

b. Visit your nearest Axis Bank Branch in case you are in India 

What are the documents required for refund of the blocked amount?

a. Copy of Authorization Cancellation Letter or Slip

b. Letter from the Merchant (on his letterhead) stating that you have settled the payment and they don't need authorization any more. Letter should be signed by the Duty Manager and it should contain Merchant Name, Transaction Date, Check-in and Check-out Date, Transaction Amount, Transaction ID and Card Number.

c. Copy of final bill payment which contains check in and check out date and time

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