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How will I know when and how many points will expire?

Axis eDGE Loyalty Reward Points has a validity of 3 years.

Effective 01st May, 2016, all Axis eDGE Reward points earned by customers on or before 01st May, 2013 will stand lapsed. As your Axis eDGE Reward points have a validity of 3 years, the points will expire automatically after a lapse of 3 years from the date of allotment. This is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the program. 

For e.g.: Points earned on 10th January 2013 will expire on 10th January 2016.

Points will also expire in case there is no account activity over a period of 365 days. E.g.: If you have not done any earn transactions, redemptions or have not logged in to your account for a period of 365 days from your last transaction, your points will expire on the 366th day.

To know your Axis eDGE Reward point balance, log on to Internet Banking/ Mobile App or

Please Note : Chat option will be functional only from Monday to Saturday.

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