Foreign Exchange Rates

Preferential rates available to NRI customers on USD currency.

Find the latest exchange rates to buy, sell, send or receive foreign currency through International Money Transfers, drafts, cash or Travel Money Cards.

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Per Unit Rate: 20.88

Given exchange rates are subject to the market fluctuations

Retail Card rates generally published once a day in the morning on each forex working day. The bank may choose to publish revised card rates during the day on its own discretion. The above rates are published on Oct 28,2020 at 02:54 PM.

Retail Card Rates prevailing at the time debit / credit to the your account will apply and may differ from the exchange rate displayed above. Rate given for Japanese Yen (JPY) is for 100 units of JPY.

The rates displayed above for money transfers are applicable for the remittances being received/sent through SWIFT. Please refer to the websites of Remit Money and Axis Forex Online for the exchange rates applicable for transactions undertaken on those websites.

Final applicable rate may be inclusive of mark-up and it may differ from client to client depending on various factors eg; type of transaction, amount of transaction, operating cost, market timing & volatility etc. The mark-up may also impact the pricing of any order linked to or triggered at a specific level.